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Do you have problems with your computer or laptop? Do not worry, our pc repair Team will help onsite there is no need carry your computer to repair shops.

we are here to help you fix it and keep it like new. 1.125 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS 265 REPAIRED PRODUCTS 265 POSITIVE FEEDBACK Trusted Laptop & Computer Repair in Singapore Our diagnostics are FREE OF CHARGE. No repair, no fee! For you evaluating the repair.


NITM is a one-stop 

Troubleshooting center for your computer or laptop. Whether it is a software or hardware issue, we have the right solution to all your problems. We guarantee competitive prices and transparency. Our technical specialists have over 12 years of experience in this pc repair industry and understand inside out computers and laptops, regardless of brand.

We make sure that we are up to date with technology and can pc repair all the latest models. In addition to desktops and laptops, we can help pc’s or mobile phones repair.

Computer problems we can help with we are experts in the repair of PCs and laptops from all major brands, from Apple to Toshiba.

WARRANTY We offer up to 3 months of warranty on all our pc repair and services and up to 90 days on Apple products. 
  • On pc repair we can help diagnose and fix any issues such as:
  • Software problem Operating system error Blue screen.
  • The application cannot be begin Overheating problems.
  • Operating system updates WIFI connection problems.
  • Laptop lag issues Hardware problem.
  • keyboard replacement.
  • screen replacement.
  • battery replacement.
  • Replacing the hard drive SSD disk update.
  • Laptop fan replacement RAM upgrade Charging problems.

Why choose us?

  • FAST We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time.
  • Any simple repairs can be-pick up in a matter of hours.
  • TRUST PARTNERS We assure you that your gadgets are well care minded for you.
  • We supply original and high-quality services and parts.
  • We will not start the repair until we have your approval.
  • MORE SAVINGS Make sure you save up to 70%
  • compared to the Authentic Service Centre.
  • No hidden fees for the pc repair.
  • We offer the most competitive prices compared to our competitors in Singapore.
  • NO ARRANGEMENT NO CHARGE for the pc repair.
  • We do not charge for diagnoses.
  • If we cannot fix it the pc repair, we do not charge you a penny.
Diagnose & Fix PC Issues
Fix PC Issues 98%
LAN or Wireless Problems
networking Support Services Singapore 88%
Viruses & Malware PC issues
Pc Repair 91%

We supply pickup and drop-off service for your laptops and PCs. We also supply a home or office pc repair service at a convenient time.

To follow security measures during this Breaker Period, as mentioned above, the pc repair service will be present at for clients by appointment. 

Thank you for your kind understanding!

LAPTOP and pc repair, be it your motherboard or simple screen problems. Our trained technology specialists will be able to diagnose the problem and show you the options. The diagnosis is FREE!

We offer the best repair service for laptops !

All Apple products, tablets, and smartphones in Singapore. In addition, we also service all iPads, iPhones, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note and all major brands on the market.

Our laboratories are fully supplying and staffed by our highly trained specialists.

We committed to helping you solve any of your problems with your devices! You can also choose to sell or trade your faulty or working devices to us if repair costs end up below your expectations! Here is a part of common problems we face every day:

  • Faulty motherboard pc repair.
  • Crack Screen Replacement for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.
  • Blue Screen Laptop Overheating and Automatic Shutdown Issues (BSOD).
  • No display issues or white screen Distorted display issues.
  • Broken or cracked hinges and covers Faulty keyboard replacement.
  • Bad LAN or wireless problems Hard drive replacement.
  • Emergency data recovery Optical drive problems.
  • Problems with the broken or lose power connector.
  • Problems with the broken or loose audio jack Software or virus problems, reformatting services RAM upgrades, SSD upgrades, wireless card upgrades.
What is Pc repair ! 

Battery and screen replacement.

Disk and memory upgrades Replace your laptop’s battery, screen, and other components quickly and affordably.

with quality-tested parts on the pc repair.

Upgrade your memory and disk for better performance and more storage.

Computer will not start or turn on, water damage repairs Let our experts diagnose why your computer is not charging and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Whether it is not starting up, has not turned on at all, or water has been spilled on your laptop, our team can diagnose it and, in most cases, fix it successfully.

Elimination of viruses and malware Do not allow your personal data to be meet each other halfway.

If you notice that your computer suddenly slows down, run a virus scan, or call us for a full diagnostic test.

Slow operating system performance Removal of viruses, malware.

Adware Data recovery from accidentally deleted files Unable to open an important software program Delayed or unresponsive computer Operating system reinstalls on the pc repair.

PC cannot start Eliminate irritating pop-up ads Configure security system and antivirus Configure broadband routers Reformatting pc repair and reinstalling

Windows Mac OS setup and troubleshooting Reinstall the printer or webcam drivers Reliable and expert IT support.  

General health check and performance tuning Can’t connect to the internet Backup data to an external drive or to the cloud Hard drive defragmentation Network and USB Printer Problems Familiar with branded laptops / PCs or such as Acer, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP or even DIY.

PC Replacement of hardware parts such as motherboard power supply Cracked LCD and Laptop Screen.

Replacement Installing additional RAM / memory and graphics cards Diagnose motherboard and CPU IT inquiries and more.

Kindly call us +65 90186633 Mr. Sathish Kumar. (NiTM Singapore)