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On top of TCP/IP, Networking Support Services The IP layer gets packets from one node to another, but it is not well-suited to transport. First, IP routing is a “best-effort” mechanism, which means packets can and do get lost sometimes.

Additionally, data that does arrive can arrive out of order. Finally, IP only supports sending to a specific host; normally. 

one wants to send to a given application running on that host. Email and web traffic, or two different web sessions, should not be commingled

Cold Call-Networking

Cold calling is another wonderful way to spark the conversation with decision makers at your target company.

Don’t be afraid to answer the phone and call the company you are interested in. The goal is to talk to the tallest person possible.

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performance monitor software

LAN Networking Support Services

Another strategy behind cold calling and cold email outreach is that of setting up a relationship. The informational interview is a wonderful way to do this.

While the person on the line may not have a position available this very moment, you never know when something will open. When something does, you will be top of mind.

Security Networking Support Services

When a big business is hacked you hear about it on the news – in the past year companies including TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse hit the headlines when they fell victim to data breaches,

But what you do not hear so much about is when small firms attacked. Historically cyber criminals have not targeted smaller firms but since last year.

There has been a huge rise in these attacks and in a recent Government Security Breaches Survey 74% of small organisations reported a security breach last year.

It is impossible to make a modern business network 100% secure but there are certain measures that should take to help to mitigate the risks.

Our recommendations below are based around the requirements for the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme plus few added recommendations of our own.

Troubleshoot Unable to Connect WiFi networks

Data and Networking

When it comes to your data, you can never be too careful. Data loss or theft has both short-term and long-term repercussions for your business operations.

Taking an initiative-taking approach and securing your network and data can go a long way to preventing a catastrophic incident.

Do you already know all and sundry who has get admission to on your employer data? Trust them with the non-public statistics you entrust to you.

This checklist formed of questions you should ask an IT manager or network administrator whenever and wherever you are storing data.

Basic Networking Support Services

Who oversees your network security? Do they have IT-related experience?

What is your process to review, test and implement modern technology solutions?


Are your IT systems and administrative passwords well documented and up to date?

Multiple trusted people have access and is this access level documented?

Is the information secure or locked away?

System Networking Support Services

Do you have a hardware security system and is it under support by the manufacturer?

Is the security system configuration clean and operating system up to date?

Then you have a monitored Intrusion Detection System in place?

You using a strong encryption on your wireless networks?

Physical Security

Are your servers and data in a physically locked or restricted area?

If so, who has access and how Networking Support Services?

The laptops loaded with disk encryption and/or tracking software in the event they lost or stolen?

Doors to your offices secure at night and on the weekends?

Operating Systems and Applications

Are you enforcing the use of strong passwords? Are regular password changes enforced?

Can your computers running supported versions of their operating systems?

How often are your systems patched and how do you know it is working?

Patch all your applications or just Microsoft Products?

If your running network wide anti-virus and anti-malware software and is it up to date with a valid subscription?

Types of Networking Support Services

Data Transmission  Support Services

In modern networks, data transferred using packet switching Messages broken into units called packets and sent from one computer to the other.

At the destination, data extracted from one or more packets and used to reconstruct the original message,

each packet has a maximum size and consists of a header and a data area.

The header has the addresses of the source and destination computers and sequencing information necessary to reassemble the message at the destination.

There are two principle kinds of networks: Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs).

WANs -Cover cities, countries, and continents.

Based on packet switching technology

Examples of WAN technology:

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

LANs -Cover buildings or a set of closely related buildings.

Examples of LAN technology: Ethernet, Token Ring, and Fibber Distributed Data Interconnect (FDDI).

Ethernet LANs: based on a bus topology and broadcast communication Token ring LANs:

based on ring topology


use optical fibbers and an improved token ring mechanism based on two rings flowing in opposite directions.

Interconnection Networking 

Networks of low ability may connect via a backbone network which is a network of high ability such as a FDDI network, a WAN network.

LANs and WANs can interconnect via T1 or T3 digital leased lines According to the protocols involved.

Networks interconnection achieved using one various the following devices:


Link two similar LAN computers or devices based on the same protocol.


Use different protocols to connect communication computers of different types of networks.

B-router or Bridge/Router:

A single device that combines the functions of a bridge and a router.


Use direct and systematic conversion between protocols to connect network devices of two different systems