Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage

Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage

Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage

Dell EMC vnx 5300 – NAS Server Storage

VNX-000565 NAS Server Storage selling at $9500, super good deal.

The EMC VNX series implements a modular architecture that integrates hardware
components for Block, File, and Object with concurrent support for native NAS,
iSCSI, Fiber Channel, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols. The VNX
series is based on Intel® Xeon®-based PCI Express 2.0 processors and delivers File
(NAS) functionality via two to eight Data Movers and Block (iSCSI, FCoE, and FC)
storage via dual storage processors using a full 6-Gb/s SAS disk drive topology.
This guide describes one of five models available in the VNX series, the VNX5300.
The VNX5300 is a mid-range/entry level storage platform. It offers Block services,
File services, or Unified Block and File services.

15 bays x 3 / 2.4 TB /  rack-mountable  / SAS 6Gb/s / HDD 300 GB x 8 / RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 / 
RAM 16 GB /  8Gb Fibre Channel  / iSCSI / 3U / field
With Transport Singapore Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage.
dell emc vnx5300 server storage

Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage

The VNX5300 is an entry-level to mid-tier storage system which can be either a block or unified (file and block) system. The predecessor to the VNX 5300 is the CX4-120 and the NS-120. The 5300 uses the DPE form factor in either a 15 drive, 3.5” 3U form factor or a 25 drive, 2.5” 2 U form factor.

A CPU module with an Intel Xeon 4-core 1.66-GHz processor with three
Double Data Rate Three (DDR3) synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM)
slots supporting 4-GB SDRAM
– Four integrated 8-Gb/s FC ports (labeled 2, 3, 4, and 5; supporting 2, 4, and
8 Gb/s having front end auto-negotiation with support for manual
– Two integrated four lane 6-Gb/s SAS x4 ports (labeled 0 x4 and 1 x4);
supported speeds are 1.5, 3, and 6 Gb/s
– Two PCI Gen 2 x4 I/O module slots supporting a combination of the
following UltraFlex™ I/O modules:
Two-port 10-Gb/s optical or active Twinax4 (w/iSCSI protocol)

Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage Hardware features

Contained in a 7 to 8U architecture, the Block and File VNX5300 platform weighs
approximately 206.7 lb (93.76 kg) to 229.7 lb (104.19 kg) fully loaded3 depending on
the type of disk drives used in the DPE. With the DME having the deepest dimension
within the cabinet, the Block and File VNX5300 measures 12.25 to 14 inches (7 to 8U)
high x 18.92 inches wide x 24.25 inches deep (31.11 cm to 35.56 cm x 48.05 cm x 61.59
cm). Between the front and rear of the enclosure, a midplane distributes power and
signals to all the enclosure components. The CPU modules and the power supply
modules plug directly into the midplane connections.

VNX-000565 Block and File VNX5300 platform with a 3U, 15 DPE

Dell EMC VNX 5300 SERVER Storage

Four-port 1-Gb/s 10/100/1000 copper iSCSI
Four-port 8-Gb/s optical Fibre Channel (running at 2, 4, or 8-Gb/s)
Two-port 10-Gb/s optical or active Twinax2 Fibre Channel over
Ethernet (FCoE)
– One RS-232/EIA 232 serial (up to 115 K baud) service laptop (micro DB-9)
– One RS-232/EIA 232 serial management (micro DB-9) port
– One 10/100/1000 LAN management (RJ-45) port
– One 10/100/1000 LAN service (RJ-45) port
– One power supply (hot-swappable)
◆ One (1U) standby power supply (SPS) with a second (optional) SPS available
◆ One DME with up to two Data Movers. Each Data Mover consists of:
• One CPU module consisting of one Intel Xeon 4-core 2.13-GHz processor
• Six DDR3 synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) slots supporting up to 6 GB
per CPU module
• One Fibre Channel (FC) I/O module with a:
– Four-port 8 Gb/s optical (running at 2, 4, or 8 Gb/s); in slot 0
• One to two of the following network I/O modules in any combination:
– Two-port 10-Gb/s optical or active Twinax2 (w/iSCSI protocol)
– Four-port 1-Gb/s copper iSCSI
– Two-port 1-Gb/s copper plus two-port 1-Gb/s optical
– Two-port 10-Gb/s optical or active Twinax2 Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Two management modules per DME (or, one per Data Mover)
• Two power supply/cooling (fan) modules per CPU module
◆ One or two Control Stations. Each Control Station consists of the following
• Intel 2.0 GHz single core Celeron processor with 800-MHz front side bus (FSB)
and 512 KB cache
• 2 GB of RAM
• One 250 GB SATA hard drive
• Two rear-mounted USB ports and one front-mounted USB port
• Four 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T network interface (RJ-45)
connectors (located on the rear panel)
• Two integrated serial ports, one for laptop/console redirection and one for the
CallHome modem
• One DVD-ROM drive
◆ Expansion of up to seven 3U, 15 (3.5-inch) DAEs (a maximum of 120 drives) or up
to four 2U, 25 (2.5-inch) DAEs (a maximum of 125 drives)

Any required cables including LAN cables, modem cables, and serial DB-9 cable.
◆ Mounting rails with hardware
◆ Front bezel with VNX5300 badge

A midplane separates the front-facing disk drives from the rear-facing SPs. It distributes power and signals to all components in the enclosure. SPs and disk drives
plug directly into the midplane.

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