Windows updates issues installing


  • Windows Updates Issues Installing!
  • Windows has updated with problems for 25 years. 
  • During this time, I have never worked on a project like this. 
  • Again, I have never seen Windows 10 like Microsoft.
  • Windows Update Issues This book is a preview, in progress, about work in progress.
  • It supplies a snapshot of the technical preview of Windows 10 as of April 2015,
  • On the eve of the BUILD Developers Conference in San Francisco.
  • Windows update issues Windows 10 stands for a major shift in the PC landscape.
  • For IT professionals who are accustomed to using a familiar set of tools and best practices,
  • To manage Microsoft Windows, this version contains staggering amount.
Windows updates issues

Issue Details

When installing a third-party driver, you might receive the error, “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software.”

You may also see the error “No signature was present in the subject” when trying to view the signature properties using Windows Explorer.

Third-party drivers

This issue occurs when an improperly formatted cat-log file found during validation by Windows. Starting with this release,

Windows Updates Issues Installing will require the validity of DER encoded PKCS#7 content in cat-log files.

Cat-logs files must sign per section 11.6 of describing DER-encoding for SET OF members

Catalog File

Client: Windows 10, version 2004; Windows 10, version 1909; Windows 10, version 1903; Windows 10, version 1809; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019;

Windows 10, version 1803; Windows 10, version 1709; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2016; Windows 10, version 1607; Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB; Windows 8.1

Affected Platforms:


Client: Windows 10, version 2004; Windows 10, version 1909; Windows 10, version 1903


Server: Windows Server, version 2004; Windows Server, version 1909; Windows Server, version 1903.

Error Attempting

This issue only affected devices with certain versions of Avast.

AVG applications and was addressed with an update to their respective products

Unable to access internet

Windows 10 devices with a wireless wide area network (WWAN) LTE modem, even if the network connection status indicator (NCSI)

In the notification area shows that it connected to the Internet, you may not be able to access the Internet.

WWAN LTE modems

Windows 10 after showing connection with WWAN LTE modem?

If so, please do not be frustrated, because we are here to provide solutions to these network problems.

WWAN LTE is a wireless network that can use LTE, 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G to provide internet packet data.

But sometimes the network creates annoying issues like connection not showing, unable to connect etc.,

So here we will cover the ways to fix WWAN LTE Modem Network Problems in Windows 10.

IT Service Provider Singapore

The users may receive WWAN errors after receiving cumulative updates, feature updates or patches. In addition, the driver is damaged, and the settings are wrong.

Uninstall Installed Update

Just in case, the problem starts after you install the Windows update, and then the patch may infect with a bug.

You have no possibility other than uninstalling the update to restore

the internet connection to normal state. Follow the instructions and remove the patch.

  1. Press Win+I and allow the Settings app to appear.
  2. Select Update & Security.
  3. Once the next Settings page comes, go to the left pane, and click on View update history.
  4. Choose Uninstall updates from the top.
  5. Control panel/Program and Features/Installed updates window will unfolded. Go to Microsoft Windows Section.
  6. Locate the recent update using the dates in Installed on column.
  7. After found, right click and select Uninstall.
Windows Network Diagnostic
  • Right click on Network icon from the right part of the Taskbar.
  • Select Troubleshoot problems.
  • Within a moment, Windows network diagnostic wizard will open detecting the cause behind the issue.
  • Follow the instructions and being given by the tool till the end.
Troubleshoot Network

Network troubleshooting is a life-saving tool provided in Windows 10 that can free you from various Internet problems.

When encountering network problems, no matter what the error is, this is the recommended solution on the PC.

Therefore, please follow the instructions to use the troubleshooter to fix the WWAN LTE modem network problem in Widow 10.

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