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SSHD Technology, You Get There Faster!

Why is a high-performance PC slower SSD laptop than a tablet or smartphone? it Shouldn’t. Seagate SSHD provides you with instant response of solid-state storage and a large-capacity hard drive.

You must get kick and the ability that allows you to consume, create and store at an amazing speed.

Changing the Game for SSD laptops and PCs

In the past, the term instant on did not apply to Standard SSD laptop or PC. That speed is available Only in a system that few people can afford.

The manufactured tablet Used for online browsing, not content creation. In contrast, Seagate’s SSHD is an affordable alternative and can provide.

SSD laptop
SSD laptops and PCs

The speed of solid-state memory and its storage advantages hard disk. It has more data integrity and retention technology Rather than SSD or other combination solutions.

Use adaptive Memory™ technology can effectively find and then store the most used data goes into solid state storage, you will get solid state performance.

large ability and Excellent reliability of a device

SSHD Technology and Features

SSHD is already known for incredibly fast start-up times. Now, with Seagate’s third generation SSHD technology, they are even better.

According to hardware and settings, Your Windows 8 system can start in less than 10 seconds, For Windows 7, you can still see the fastest start-up time.

Seagate 12-second quick start technology now incorporated the integrated features in Windows 8 can help you say Goodbye, the boot time is slow.

Flash Management SSD laptop

By combining solid state drives and traditional hard drives Develop technology in innovative ways, Seagate has enhanced reliability.

Next-Generation Reliability

The disadvantages of solid-state memory have limited Write cycle, but to manage most write operations with proven and reliable HDD technology.

SSD laptop has Seagate has Improved product reliability and created more durable products Storage equipment.

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An SSHD for Every PC

From ultra-thin laptops to well-designed gaming systems, Seagate now provides SSHD to meet your needs.

The thickness of Seagate SSD laptop or notebook thin SSHD is 7mm Support the configuration of thin and light notebook computer design.

The maximum ability Seagate Desktop SSD HDD or laptop can now supply is 2TB, supplying an unparalleled combination of high ability and high ability Fast performance.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on Seagate SSHD Provides solid state speed, hard drive ability and A price you can afford.

Speed up SSD laptop SSD

Upgrades existing laptops by replacing the client’s 2.5 ” hard drives with fast, rugged client SSDs

Supplies 4x faster start-up time and more than 2x faster application loading times compared to typical laptop hard drives

Significantly reduces the time before end-users must wait to use your devices.

Best-Fit SSD Applications

  • Boost the performance of existing SSD laptop with 2.5-inch hard drives.


  • Improved improving the resilience of existing laptops that may be fell while working
  • Allows end users to access data faster and take advantage of the benefits SSD laptop responsiveness
  • The best way to upgrade for road warriors, power users, executives, and players – work and play faster
  • No mechanical, moving parts ensure data security even on a laptop dropped or struck during operation
  • Installs like a typical hard drive and works with any standard laptop and operating system
  • Supports SATA 6 Gb / s interface
  • Supplies up to 480 GB of capacity
  • First client SSD available in height from 7mm and 5mm for laptops with limited space
  • Over 30 years of experience in testing hard drive compatibility and reliability perfected for SSD drives

Comprehensive Storage Device Portfolio

  • The SSD laptop Seagate 600 SSD expands the Seagate portfolio by supplying retail partners a one stop shops for all SSD, SSHD and HDD needs.
  • Thanks to experience in the supply chain and deep relationships between ecosystems and manufacturing excellence.
  • All coupled with global Seagate enables warehouse centers and the flexibility of a volume ramp product availability to adapt to the most dynamic requirements forecast.
  • You will need your system. Screwdriver. A key SSD. SATA to USB cable. And the system user manual.
  • if you do not have SATA-to-USB cable, you can get it in the Crucial SSD installation kit, which sold separately
  • When you take the SSD out of the box, you will see this – it is called-it spacer, but not all SSD models come with it.
  • Put that aside now. It will only appear later in the process and based on Your system; you may not even need it.
  • Please take few moments to write down before starting the actual installation any important files from your computer to an external drive or USB drive.
  • Here you will find all the information you need. Your system will look different to the ones shown.
  • But the process is the same. Please read each step carefully and follow our helpful tips for more information.
  • Start by using the SATA to USB cable to connect the SSD to the computer. When managing an SSD, do not touch the gold contacts of the connector with your fingers.
  • It is time to download software that copies your old drive to the new SSD. On the computer to which the SSD connected, go to the website that appears on the screen to download it.
  • Install this software by opening the downloaded file and accepting all prompts. A screen will appear in the proper place click Install. After the installation is complete, run Acronis.
  • You will now see a couple of options in the software. Choose Clone Disk option. You will be prompt to select a clone mode.

if so, I have never done this before, we recommend the automatic method, then click Next.


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