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Office Automation In this configuration, the only apps that will be allowed to run are those signed by a Microsoft-issued code-signing certificate. That includes any app from the Windows Store as well as desktop apps that an organization has submitted to Microsoft to be digitally signed. These signed apps can also be delivered to employees through a customized Business Store. If your enterprise uses internal line-of-business apps that are sideloaded, they will need to be signed by an enterprise certificate.

Office Automation Deploying Windows 10 in an organization is faster and easier than in Windows 7, thanks to new features originally introduced in Windows 8.1. Improvements in deployment processes for Windows 10 can make it even easier to standardize on a corporate configuration. The traditional “wipe and load” option is still available for Windows 10 upgrades. That process involves capturing data and settings from an existing device, deploying a custom operating system image, injecting drivers and installing apps, and then restoring the data and settings.

Office Automation An additional option is the in-place upgrade, in which Windows handles the process of migrating apps and data from an existing image to a new (standard) image. This process is similar to the upgrade process consumers use via Windows Update, but it’s managed by System Center Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, both of which should be familiar to IT pros

Office Automation Windows 10 adds a new provisioning option, which transforms a device with an OEM installation of Windows 10 into an enterprise-ready device. This procedure removes unwanted items from the OEM configuration and adds items, apps, and configuration details that would have been part of a standard custom image. The result is the same as a wipe-and-load deployment, but simpler and more flexible

Office Automation On unmanaged devices, the Refresh Your PC and Reset Your PC options help streamline the recovery process. These options, which have evolved significantly from their original Windows 8 versions, allow users to restore or repair a Windows 10 device without having to make an appointment with the help desk. The new recovery options in Windows 10 include a significant benefit: The restored operating system contains all current updates, meaning that the user doesn’t have to go through a tedious round of system updates after repairing the installation.

Office Automation as with Windows 8.1, the reset option includes data-wiping capabilities that make it possible for a user to transfer a device to a new owner without worrying about inadvertently disclosing sensitive personal or business data.

Office Automation Windows 10 includes a robust, built-in virtualization platform. This feature, called Client Hyper-V, will be familiar to organizations that tested or deployed Windows 8.1, but for those upgrading from Windows 7 it is a major addition to the platform. Client Hyper-V uses the same hypervisor found in Windows Server, allowing you to create virtual machines (VMs) capable of running 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows client and server operating systems. IT pros and developers can create robust test beds for evaluating and debugging software and services without adversely affecting a production environment

Office Automation Client Hyper-V leverages the security infrastructure of Windows 10 and can be managed easily by existing IT tools, such as System Center. VMs can be migrated between a desktop PC running Windows 10 and a Hyper-V environment on Windows Server. Client Hyper-V requires Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise; it also requires that specific hardware features be available on the host device. For more details about the capabilities of Client Hyper-V, see Chapter 8, “Virtualization in Windows 10

Office Automation In conjunction with Windows Server 2012 and later releases, Windows 10 also supports an alternative form of virtualization: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Setting up a VDI environment is straightforward, thanks to a simple setup wizard. Managing a VDI environment is simple with administration, intelligent patching, and unified management capabilities

Office Automation the Remote Desktop client in Windows 10 allows users to connect to a virtual desktop across any type of network, either a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

Office Automation Microsoft RemoteFX provides users with a rich desktop experience that compares favourably with a local desktop, including the ability to play multimedia, display 3D graphics, use USB peripherals, and provide input on touch-enabled devices. Features such as user-profile disks and Fair Share ensure high performance and flexibility, with support for lower-cost storage and sessions helping to reduce the cost of VDI. All these benefits are available across different types of VDI desktops (personal VM, pooled VM, or session-based desktops).

Office Automation How you react to Microsoft Windows 10 depends to a great extent on what your Windows desktop has looked like for the past few years.

Office Automation If you and your organization stuck with Windows 7 (especially if you completed a migration from Windows XP shortly before its end-of-support date in 2014), you’ll have to adjust to a few new ways of working. The redesigned Start menu is the most obvious change, followed closely by the relocation of many system settings from Control Panel to the modern Settings app.

Office Automation Ironically, the learning curve is considerably more complex if you and your users were early adopters of Windows 8. Not only will you have to learn the new elements of Windows 10, but you’ll have to unlearn some of the techniques you mastered with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Office Automation Feedback to Microsoft after the release of Windows 8 made it clear that the radically revised user experience caused significant frustration. Even with the refinements introduced in Windows 8.1, the change in user experience was substantial for anyone accustomed to the familiar desktop and Start menu.

Office Automation
Office Automation

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