MacBook Pro Battery Replacement


Your MacBook Pro is designed so that you can set it up quickly and start using it right away. The following pages take you through the setup process, including these tasks:

  • Plugging in the power adapter
  • Connecting the cables with Macbook Pro Battery Replacement
  • Turning on your MacBook Pro
  • Configuring a user account and other settings using Setup Assistant

To turn on the MacBook Pro, press the power (®) button briefly (up to 1 second). Do not continue to hold down or press the power button after the startup tone or you might cause the computer to shut down again. When you turn on the computer, you should see the sleep indicator light turn on (and stay on), and you should hear a tone.

It takes the MacBook Pro a few moments to start up. After it starts up, the sleep indicator light turns off, and Setup Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Assistant opens automatically.

Nothing happens when you press the power (®) button. Â The battery might be drained. Make sure that you plugged the power adapter firmly into both the computer and a power source. The power adapter plug should light when you plug it into the computer. Â If the computer still doesn’t start up, see “Problems That Prevent You From Using Your Computer

This icon usually means that the computer can’t find the system software on the hard disk or any disks attached to the computer. Disconnect all external peripherals and try restarting. Hold down the power (®) button for 8 to 10 seconds until the computer turns off. Then press the power button again. If the problem persists, you might need to reinstall the system software. See “Reinstalling the Software That Came With Your Computer Macbook Pro Battery Replacement

The first time you turn on your computer, Setup Assistant starts. Setup Assistant helps you enter your Internet and email information and set up a user account on your computer. If you already have a Mac, Setup Assistant can help you automatically transfer files, applications, and other information from your previous Mac to your new MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Setup Assistant takes you through the process of transferring your information just follow the onscreen instructions. Transferring information to your MacBook Pro does not affect the information on your other MacBook Pro Battery Replacement.

If you set up partitions on the new MacBook Pro, all information from the other Mac will be transferred to one partition. Using Setup Assistant, you can transfer:  User accounts, including preferences and email.

Network settings, so your new MacBook Pro is automatically set up to work with the same network settings as your other Mac. Files and folders on the hard disk and partitions. This gives you easy access to the files and folders you used on your old MacBook Pro Battery Replacement.

The Applications folder, so most of the applications you used on your other Mac are now on your new MacBook Pro. (You may need to reinstall some of the applications you transfer.)

If you do not intend to keep or use your other Mac, it is best to deauthorize it from playing music, videos, or audiobooks that you have purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Deauthorizing a computer prevents any songs, videos, or audiobooks you’ve purchased from being played by someone else and frees up another authorization for use (you can have only five authorized computers at a time for an iTunes account on MacBook Pro Battery Replacement).

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement
MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

If you don’t use Setup Assistant to transfer information when you first start up your computer, you can do it later using Migration Assistant. Go to the Applications folder, open Utilities, and double-click Migration Assistant. Note: If you used Setup Assistant to transfer information from an older Macintosh and you want to use Migration Assistant to transfer information from it again, make sure File Vault is turned off on the older Macintosh. To turn off File Vault, open the Security pane of System Preferences and click Turn Off File Vault on MacBook Pro Battery Replacement.

Follow the onscreen instructions. Setup Assistant can also take you through the process of setting up your computer to connect to the Internet. For home users, Internet access requires an account with an Internet service provider (ISP). Fees may apply. If you already have an Internet account, see Appendix C, “Connecting to the Internet,” for information you’ll need to enter

To get the longest running time from your battery, calibrate it sometime during the first week you have your MacBook Pro and repeat these steps occasionally to keep your battery functioning at its fullest capacity

Whenever you stop using your MacBook Pro Battery Replacement, wait a few moments to let the hard disk and any disc (such as a CD or DVD) in your optical drive stop spinning before you transport the computer. Avoid jostling or bumping your MacBook Pro while discs are spinning.

Note: Your MacBook Pro uses Sudden Motion Sensor technology to help protect the hard disk if the computer is dropped or experiences extreme vibration. See “Understanding Sudden Motion Sensor Technology”

When you use your MacBook Pro or charge its battery, it is normal for the bottom of the case to get warm. For prolonged use, place your MacBook Pro Battery Replacement on a flat, stable surface.

The bottom of the case is raised slightly to allow airflow, which keeps the unit within normal operating temperatures. As you get to know your new MacBook Pro, you might hear system sounds during start-up and when using your hard disk and optical drive.

After the MacBook Pro Battery Replacement runs for some time, small fans might turn on to cool it, producing a faint sound. System sounds such as these are part of the computer’s normal functioning.

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