IT Support Service Level Agreement

IT Support Service Level Agreement

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IT Support Service Level Agreement,

We are a Singapore based IT infrastructure specialists offering IT Solutions, Support Services, Consultancy Services for Hardware, Networking & Servers.

Offering IT Solutions

Backed by a team of highly resolute and professional individuals, we cater solutions to meet the needs of our clients to the best of our abilities, exceeding their expectations.

Support Services

While we manage your infrastructure, backup, software & hardware, storage, networking, email, security systems, you continue focusing on your business & profitability.


IT Support Service Level Agreement

Our Support and Services

NiTM market includes, Middle East, and Africa. If you currently devote any measure of time to any of the above activities within your organization.

NiTM Services

  • According to the IT support service level agreement, it will help to ensure that connected devices send data packets between different computer networks.
  • hubs and switches. Repeaters, hubs, and switches connect network devices together so that they can use as a network segment.
  • The bridge connects two separate Ethernet network segments. 

Hardware & Network

  • The information that can populated in the “Items Affected” field on the “Configuration Items and Services”
  • tab depends on the conditions associated with the service recipient.
  • The recipient has a personal or departmental IT support service level agreement.
  • Subscriptions will open the list of CIs associated with these subscriptions.
  • If the recipient does not have any subscriptions, the following phenomena will occur.

Printer Installation

Service Manager supplies an audit trail function, you can find each step of the diagnosis and resolution of incident records.

Each record updated Service Manager creates a separate historical activity record for that event record.

Including which operators took what actions at what time.

Authorized users can browse each historical activity record,

The event record to set up a comprehensive understanding.

History and resolution of incident records covered by IT Support Service Level Agreement.

Installation Incident Diagnosis

  • Service Desk user diagnoses an Incident as per IT Support Service Level Agreement
  • (or an end user who does self-help diagnosis) and searches for a Knowledge Management
  • Document with matching symptoms to the issue. When the user finds such a document.
  • The user can execute a script from a link on the Knowledge Management page itself.
  • The Knowledge Management link triggers a web service action that tells the server to
  • run a specific pre-defined script on a specific server.

PC Hardware Incident

  • The Authorized users can browse each historical activity record in the event record.
  • Comprehensively understand the history and resolution of incident records.
  • Through incident management, you can classify and track not many types of incidents.
  • Examples include service unavailability or performance issues, and hardware or software failures.
  • Ensure that the incident resolved within the agreed service level IT support service level agreement.
Camera Configuration

Connect the network camera to the local area network (LAN). The local area network is usually the consumer’s home network.

Workgroup Incident Support

Professional support troubleshoots specific issues, error messages, or functions that cannot used in Microsoft products.

LAN Support – AD-Domain

Work-group Incident Support. Server Hardware Installation & Configuration*. LAN Support AD/Domain Incident Support.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Support

Routers support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). If your router supports WPS and it is connected to the network.

CCTV & Biometric Access System

Access control system from Singapore, CCTV video surveillance camera system from Singapore,

fingerprint anti-counterfeiting fingerprint biometric access control system.

Fast Ethernet

In computer networks, the Fast Ethernet physical layer transmits traffic at a nominal rate of 100 Mbit/s.

Wireless LAN

A wireless LAN is a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using wireless communication to form a local area.

High Speed Backbone

The physical infrastructure for the original Internet now owned and supported by the national commercial backbone companies.

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  • The full range work with the infrastructure will delivered by our NITM Singapore team.
  • All the project delivered to the front-line Officer to proper level documentation will give.
  • Ensure the Standards support team will clearly communicated to client for their business needs.
  • Our Teach Tam will comply ap per the SLA documentation practices listed on transparency of work delivery.
  • The Support the system and provided to the proper the team will keep working within defined security and infrastructure standards.
  • NITM team will Follow and follow the company’s quality management system and environmental.
  • Lead the following strategies and all operational business activities in their respective fields.
  • Develop/formulate/customize/implement/promote local country commercial/marketing strategies in line with Abbott’s global and regional commercial/marketing strategies.
  • Achieve established financial goals (top and bottom lines) and targets while supporting regional budgets.
  • Ensure that all business activities professionally used accordance with regulations and industry standards.
  • A good network foundation can promote Microsoft Cloud-based solutions, such as Azure and Office 365.
  • An initiative-taking salesperson who is eager to achieve goals in a challenging and dynamic environment.


  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) is our commitment to solve your ICT problems and requirements within a given time.
  • They show that we have an effective and mature process to supply IT support, and you can have full confidence in us.
  • Create an SLA to stop tracking the time to solve the problem while waiting for a customer response.
  • Remember the experience of the agent.
  • It Support Service Level Agreement Policy.

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