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You are sitting at your data recovery computer, leaned in nice and close to the monitor and your fingers are furiously tapping away at the keys.

Maybe you have some music on to drown out the sound of your co-worker’s chatter but if anything, you are focused. You have got an important project to finish

writing up so that you can upload it to the company server for your manager to access from home within the next hour. As you pound the keys and finally, you finish, you hit the save button.

Oh, but there is a problem. You have managed to save the file to your personal computer

but your servers are down. This means you cannot upload it for your boss to read it right away. Is

this the end of the world? Not really. Your file is too big to e-mail so you have got to find another

way to get that information to your manager, five seconds ago.

Data recovery
Data Recover

While servers Data Recovery

  • This can be a common scene. While servers make our lives easier, they do not always work when we want them to.
  • They are electronic so they do not have feelings (yet) and they do not fail right when we have a huge project do because they are jerks.
  • They fail because of a physical or logistical error. Regular maintenance can help avoid these problems, but they are not omnipotent.
  • There are a variety of server set ups in the world that companies use, one of which is the Dell PowerEdge RAID server.
  • They are an extremely popular network solution and data storage arrangement for all sizes of businesses.

RAID configurations Data Recovery

While RAID itself can come in many configurations such as 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 the most popular set up for Dell PowerEdge RAID is RAID5.

If you are someone who accesses the server and does not maintain it this information is probably like someone trying to teach you how to bungee jump when you are afraid of falling.

It is not impossible to do or understand, just incredibly difficult.

But what does it all mean?

Why do we care what the common use of the Dell PowerEdge RAID server is?

Why is 5 such an important number? Well, if you are the person who maintains the server or has the most interaction with it this information is important because it will help you identify what potential issues are going to be.

Dell Data Recovery - PowerEdge Servers

Like all technology Dell PowerEdge RAID are prone to specific issues. This is the blessing in disguise when you use a system created by one developer.

If you know what issues are more likely to plague your system you will know how to circumvent them.

These servers are more susceptible to the following issues: Drive Drops, Single Hard Drive Failure and Reconstruction Failures.

SSD laptop

Issues on Data Recovery

How is this knowledge going to help you? Well, if you must send your hard discs away for repair you will be aware of what sort of issues the technicians will come back at you with.

This will also help you if you are looking for a company to help you recover your data. You will know what sort of troubles they should have experience with to ensure that you will get the best assistance.

You want a company that deals with Dell PowerEdge RAID on a regular basis. If they have common problems, they have common solutions.

These technicians will be able to spot the issue and deploy the repair faster than those who have zero experience with the configuration.

Segments Data Recovery & Distributes

  • This will help you save money and help you save time. The more experienced the better as it will help you out in the long run and let you get back to work sooner rather than later.
  • RAID 5 is the way of distributing data across various member disks. If all you have is just one
  • disk then the RAID 5 architecture treats your disk as multiple segments and distributes your data across them. It uses parity to check the data consistency and availability.
  • RAID 5 data recovery is strait forward, and any recovery software can recover data from them.
  • The damage to a disk does not affect the overall data presence and can be easily recovered from if the array is intact.
  • But if the array is broken, that is if one of the disk having data has gone blank, then you require specialized software which treats all the disks as a single disk to recover you data.
  • These software works by finding the way the disk was striped before and then recreates these structures to recover your data using normal data recovery techniques.
  • Professional raid recovery services are an especially important service and feature, especially for companies and individuals that handle,
  • A high volume of customer information and sensitive related documents and data. Anyone or any company that provides products and services.

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