Automated Visitor Management System Singapore

Web based Local LAN WAN Automated Visitor Management System Kiosk Singapore offered as a service. SaaS visitor management software for the real estate industry allows landlords and managers to remotely control and monitor access rights without the need to pass physical keys



Access Control Solution with QR Code Scanning

Fast-Track Sign-In

Touchscreen Technology Quick & Easy Way Visitors to Sign


All-In One Cloud Based Property Management Solution

Easily Customizable

Allow organizations to automate the entire process of registering


Our teams can be deployed full time on-site or remotely with on-site.

Save Time - Security Guard

A visitor and capturing detailed information in seconds

Connect Across Multi-Vendor Access Control Systems

Alert Enterprise provides a self-contained Visitor Management System Kiosk Singapore that provides integration with third party tools.

VMS Benefits

Visitor management software will quickly improve building security and employee safety.

A good system will save you money , Visitor management software increases efficiency , Visibility and accountability.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Staff is empowered to welcome visitors warmly, quickly, and efficiently

Visitors can be pre-registered

Pre-registered by hosts, security, or the receptionist. If you know a visitor is scheduled for a meeting

Flexibility and the ability to Grow

A good visitor tracking system is highly flexible and scalable. This means it can be easily customized to fit your growing needs

Managers can't work 24/7 and they don't have to.

Visitor management system automatically notifies the host about guest arrival by voice call, text message, email 24/7.

Live Visitor Counter Real-Time

Access Control Solutions Handheld ID + License Disc Scanning & Full Reporting Functionality

Detailed Visitor Report

Host or VMS user can able to export you Visitors reports.

In/out date, time, Enter gate exit gate all in Excel / PDF