Sales Order System

How is the sales order system is working! Do you really want to know? It is a business process change in the sales FMCG market or any sales line.

Sales Order System

This is order system sometimes orders can be taken my Phone call are true tenders are true product offers or given friend to friend your sales can be made by products and services given by variant type of businessman this means the orders can be fulfilled by every minutes and seconds can be calculated.

SOS Systems Working

Most of the current SOS systems working with well closed circle and networks but most of the SUK moderator as per the percentage Hola the company will you the distribution to the distribution companies most of the distribution companies depending on the salesman.

PC Assessments Really

Most of the assessments really, they’re putting a good effort and they’re generating assists, but they are not able to get there quick information they key in notebook and pen

What Is Sales Order System ?

The sales order system is the business cause confirming the terms of the translation, Between their sales under the sales order with the purchase order the seller can make a purchase very often we can also re amend the orders you can also edit.

SOS Customer Specific

The orders you can also cancel the orders Sears order system mainly meant for customer specific numbers of order and pricing with offers can be 5 is 2 one tennis two one Forester 2 kind of any packages therefore FOC packages, The salesman able to choose or select the package to convince the customer you can offer a best price with the free samples everything can be done in front of the customer.

Fast Sales Generation

Also he can able to do the sales order very fast sales generation which is very useful for the sales team once the salesman complete the sales our NITM SOS system upload the data to SAP cloud

Sales Man Work is Simple

We like to make it as a easy to the sales man work to make simple, so NITM come out with the technology of Sales order system using by bar code or QR code and only type the Quantity the system will generate the pricing full product name and what is the FOC

Customer Particular

The particular customer, for the particular customer offered price, season price, Monthly price yearly price special price special package all this information can be get in a mints, This is the most at once information required for a salesman in order to convert a customer sales as Deal

Order Picking

the system is used picking order on the road are on the shop wherever you are you can able to take your sales order ask per your convenient. Most of the companies wasting time with their staff waiting for a sales order generation 1 by 1 or key-in the data using XL or etc.

Let’s Work Together

The data can be Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Infor, Manhattan & etc. All the data true CVS or XLS , XLSX mode , We can able to convert the data to business logic extension to manager visibility and controls data.